A Hundred Miles Or More

A Hundred Miles Or More

Released: April 3, 2007

  1. You’re Just A Country Boy Lyrics

    You’re Just A Country Boy

    Written by Fred Hellerman and Marshall Barer

    Honeywind Productions, Inc. -TRO- , Hampshire House Publishing Corp. (ASCAP)

  2. Simple Love Lyrics

    Simple Love

    Written by Sarah Siskind/Sony ATV Tree, All Mighty Dog Music (BMI)

  3. Jacob’s Dream Lyrics

    Jacob’s Dream

    Written by Julie Lee and John Pennell

    Country Gentleman Music, admin. by ICG (SESAC) – Solarglass Music, admin. by Bug (BMI)

  4. Away Down The River Lyrics

    Away Down The River

    Written by Julie Lee/Still House Road Music (SESAC)

  5. Sawing On The Strings Lyrics

    Sawing On The Strings

    Written by Lewis Compton/Lewis Compton Music (BMI)

  6. Down To The River To Pray Lyrics
  7. Baby Mine Lyrics

    Baby Mine

    Lyrics by Ned Washington and music by Frank Churchill/Bourne Co. ASCAP

  8. Molly Ban Lyrics

    Molly Ban

    Arrangement by Paddy Moloney/Chrysalis Songs (BMI)


  9. How’s The World Treating You Lyrics

    How’s The World Treating You

    Written by Chet Atkins and Boudleaux Bryant/Sony ATV Acuff Rose Music (BMI)

  10. The Scarlet Tide Lyrics

    The Scarlet Tide

    Written by Elvis Costello and Henry Burnett/BMG

  11. Whiskey Lullaby Lyrics

    Whiskey Lullaby

    Written by Bill Anderson and Jon Randall/Sony ATV Tree Publishing-Reynsong Publishing Corp. (BMI)

  12. You Will Be My Ain True Love Lyrics

    You Will Be My Ain True Love

    Music and lyrics by Sting/Steerpike (Overseas) Limited, Admin. by EMI Music Publishing, LTD (BMI)

    Original arrangement by Sting and David Hartley

  13. I Give You To His Heart Lyrics

    I Give You To His Heart

    Written by Ron Block/Moonlight Canyon Publishing, admin. by Bug Music (BMI)

  14. Get Me Through December Lyrics

    Get Me Through December

    Written by Gordie Sampson and Fred Lavery/No Such Music

  15. Missing You Lyrics

    Missing You

    Written by Mark Leonard, Charles Sandford and John Waite/MARKMEEM MUSIC (ASCAP)

  16. Lay Down Beside Me Lyrics

    Lay Down Beside Me

    Written by Don Williams/Universal Songs of Polygram International, Inc. (BMI)