Redmond, WA

Alison Krauss & Union Station featuring Jerry Douglas and Willie Nelson & Family

Pre-sale tickets will be available from Wednesday, Mar. 11th at 10am PST to Thursday, Mar. 12th at 7pm PST.

Tickets will go on sale Friday, Mar. 13th at noon PST.

Venue Description

Marymoor Park - Redmond, WA

Event Date and Time

June 27, 2015

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  • David

    Would 10 AM PST translate to 9 AM PDT?
    Lots of date and time confusion going on here y’all.

  • Dana S

    It’s 10:22am. Are pre-sale tickets available for Marymoor? Not showing on Events page

  • Icepilot

    Started refreshing page at 0955. More than a half hour later, the “Purchase Tickets” finally comes up and the “best tickets” are in the tenth row.
    Miss Krauss – I don’t know who or how this system is supposed to work, but it stinks.

    • James

      This also happened to me

  • sheesh1

    Are you already sold out?

  • sheesh1

    Okay, I have purchased 1 ticket, now I can’t even get to the page to buy another ticket. Please help!

  • paul reed

    The pre-sale link and process are not working. I am not getting access to purchase tickets, even though I confirmed I am on the mailing list.

  • VRichards

    My husband was able to purchase a ticket this morning, but I am unable to purchase a ticket this afternoon. We were hoping to get tickets together. It seems like we should be able to do that this far ahead of the event, but apparently not OR there are some serious technical glitches with this system. Could tech support tell us what to do?

  • sheesh1

    Is there anyone monitoring this site who can help?

  • David

    Attention AKUS fans! There are still first section reserved tickets on Willie Nelson’s Club Luck fan site. Fee to join is $29.95 then you can access the approx 110 of remaining $129.95 seats in first 9 rows – $156 after all fees (140 originally available plus VIP packages in first 4 rows). Guess this is the difference between a well run paid fan site and this one.

  • David

    I think that there were a limited number of presale tickets made available and they got snapped up quickly. More should come out Friday for general sales (good luck). After checking the already active resale market and fiding that I could get tickets for 2X face value (!) I checked Willie’s fan site and bingo, first section tickets. Guess the resellers have beaten most of us to the good tickets on free sites.

  • JP

    I’m on the pre-sale email notification but it didn’t specify a promo code to allow early purchase. Anyone have it?