Salt Lake City, UT

Willie Nelson and Alison Krauss & Union Station featuring Jerry Douglas

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USANA Amphitheatre - Salt Lake City, UT

Event Date and Time

June 20, 2015

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  • Amber

    Trying to buy presage tickets. It just says Gone Gone Gone?

    • Xtension

      Seeing the same thing

    • Alison Smart

      me too

    • Jason Turner
      • Pedro

        Worked like a charm. Thanks for the link!

    • aksupport

      Try the “purchase tickets” button now. The website took a minute to switch over. Let us know if we can help with anything else.

  • Alison Smart

    YAY! I got 2 tickets!!

  • Pete Steiner

    @aksupport I pre-ordered, got my shirt, but no tickets yet… is that normal this close to the show?

  • Lorenzo

    Attended event. Don´t care about Willie, wanted to hear Alison´s voice. I didn´t know that ´featuring Jerry Douglas´ meant that Alison would sing no song during opening set. Very disappointed.

    • Kenny

      I agree! Luckily, I’ve seen Alison twice before, and know what she is capable of. I flew 2000 miles to hear her sing in Salt Lake. I couldn’t care less about Willie. His continuously dropped final notes of every line would drive anyone to drink, and he spends most of the concert singing covers of other singers. Back to Alison, she didn’t even know what state she was in?! The curtain has been pulled back, and I’m afraid she’s become like “every other musician” just in it for the money. Very frustrating. This weekend I’m in Portland, and the concert is here tomorrow night, but I’m not going to waste my money on another ticket. Bummer! Alison, please go back to the way you were!

  • S. D. Allen

    Salt Lake City, Utah, 6/20/15. Are you kidding me? Alison Krauss sings three songs and calls it quits citing ‘dry’ air. Get a drink of water and buck up little lady!!! It’s Utah — what do you expect? I know what I expect when I pay $140.00 to see a professional artist and that wasn’t it!!! People beware: The Willie Nelson & Family and Alison Krauss & Union Station is not an equally billed event — Willie will perform as expected, Ms. Krauss will be gone before her concert organizers can get you to your seat.

    • Lorenzo

      I am glad someone else saw it like I did. I am being kind when I say it was disappointing. I waited all my life for the opportunity to see/hear Alison.

    • Kenny

      Salt Lake… Three songs? Really? She didn’t make it through the second one did she?

  • Tony

    We drove Six hours form Colorado so my wife could see Alison Kraus for her 40th, she is a huge fan. I would have expected something more professional form such an artist. What a complete let down and a waste. I am sad to write this.