August 18, 2014

We’re celebrating the end of the Alison Krauss & Willie Nelson Tour with a Facebook Giveaway- enter here to win an autographed copy of Paper Airplane, the 2014 Tour T-Shirt and other prizes.

Thanks for entering!

  • Terri Young

    Oh pick me! Pick me! Well, not the banjo pick, but Pick me!

  • Donna Twigg

    NICE ~

  • Martijn

    Pick me please!! I live in The Netherlands and i love your music!! Gr Martijn

  • Mohammad Azzam

    Shout out from Jordan, would love to include this in my vinyl collection :)

  • Erica Flinchum

    Love Alison! Please pick me! :-)

  • beef

    I love you more!

  • Jaren

    My fingers are crossed after losing the instagram contest. I was at the Ryan concert in 2011, my flight home was cancelled due to a hurricane, and I had to rent a car and drive from Nashville to Boston to make it back to work on time! Best show ever.

  • Rick Drennan

    I’ve been an AKUS fan since the very beginning. I’ve been enjoying her and the music just get better and better over the years.

  • Carol Forrest

    Alison is always great!!!!!

  • Laurie Langlois

    Saw the concert in Philly in June..brought me to tears(that great) Thanks!

  • Angela Newton

    Saw the concert in Sterling Heights, MI. Loved the show! This was my fifth time going to see AKUS. Always love seeing them when they come to Michigan. They put on a great show and I’m a huge fan.

  • Melinda.

    I would love to win this

  • Doug rossow

    2 of my favorite

  • Han Fin

    Alison, got your butt to Southern California now!!

  • Primo

    Alison, will you marry me?? please, please, well at least pick me to win.

  • peter swijngedouw

    please come to belgium ; but if that’s not possible, i would be very happy with a t-shirt or whatever other thing that passed through your hands

  • Christie

    Love you and the boys! Great music! Beautiful voice! My husband and I started going to your concerts when you were only 16 at The State Theater in Kalamazoo! <3

  • maire

    Missed you while you were on tour …Hope to catch a Concert of yours in the Future…best Wishes ! Maire x

  • Maurice Bonin

    Any chance of coming to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada for a show?

    • ShadowFX

      I’ll second that emotion…

  • Daniel Daugherty

    Alison, Central Illinois wants you to come back.

  • Nancy Cutler Resnick

    Loved you in Philly !

  • Karen Hundemer

    I loved your show in Columbia Md, at Merryweather. My daughter surprised me with tickets for mother’s day.
    I had tears in my eyes listening to your beautiful voice . The harmonies and instrumentals were breathtaking.
    Thank you and the rest of the guys for the time and effort it took to produce such wonderful musical moments.
    Please come back soon!

  • Frank Kalinski

    Ever hear a Soul cry? Listen to the Fiddle…delicate and high…

  • Donis Jeffs

    Loved seeing you years ago at the Moore Theater. Would love a repeat!

  • jkinabru

    Bummed I missed ya when you came through CT. Haven’t heard that amazing voice live since the days running sound at Strawberry Park. Cheers!

  • Art Priebe

    Ooh!! Ooh!! Pick me please!!! I need that album. Love you, Alison!

  • Jeff Campbell

    Alison, I’ve loved your music from the start. My 23 year old daughter I even named after you.
    My wife says If ever I had an affair it could be with you.

  • Thomas Wasser

    Saw you in Bethlehem…. My girlfriend didn’t last but your CD is still in the car.

  • Trish Hauk

    Come to South Dakota and play! <3 <3



  • Amanda

    How do you enter the giveaway?

  • Elizabeth Keller

    I got to see Alison Krauss before she made it big I think she was 18. My dad and the bluegrass band he played in were in Rockville MD playing when this young lady went up to Jack and asked if she could sit in on a set and wound up playing with them all night it was wonderful.

  • Ines Friedrich

    I love your songs, your voice and the sound of “Union Station”. We play your songs here in germany ( with my Band HAPPY TEXAS( All the BEST!!!

  • Patti Brisco

    Alison please come to N. California, you are the best….you have the voice of an angel!

  • Judy Ann Hamblin

    Love you!

  • Pauliina Jaakkola

    A big fan of yours, all the best from Finland! <3

  • Joseph Nelson

    Was a winner selected?

  • Larry Smith

    I have loved your music for a long time! When are you coming back to the central valley in California!

  • Larry Christy

    I just sit and listen to yiur angel voice and my heart softens. Thank You for sharing you with us

  • Dawn H.

    I’ve been singing since I was 15, various talent shows bands now I’m a Karaokee Queen now 50. when I first heard Allison’s voice some years ago I thought it was the most original and prettiest voice I’ve ever heard, voice of an angel.I was so happy to hear Allison had married Led Zeppelin Robert Plant,what a wonderful couple of superb talents.

  • Samantha Holton

    Hi Allison, Don’t know if you will remember her with so many appearances but my little girl Leslie who was only 6 years old at the time clogged at the Cotton Patch café when you were there in 1987. She and her friend Beth clogged on stage at the ampitheater again when they were around 11 or 12 on the River there in Augusta, Ga. I believe it was you and Union Station…they thought you would never stop playing, they danced their little legs off! She is now married and living in NZ. She loves you and your music so much still. Oh how I wish I had a video of that so long ago! <3

  • myrna

    We would love to see you in Los Angeles ..maybe the wiltern.xo

  • Peter Roe

    Alison, The biography on Pandora which is quite long, gives absolutely no credit or mention of Jerry Douglas participation or influence on your musical career. I contacted Pandora directly and they said they don’t control or write the bios. I am convince that if you knew this that you would contact them directly to rectify this gross oversight….. A fan always, as well as a fan of Jerry’s. Peter

  • Tim McNeil

    Love the tunes love the band

  • clipp2nd

    I received an email from you advising that I had won the Facebook giveaway contest. I received a package with the travel mug and T-shirt in it, but to date the signed Vinyl autographed copy of Paper Airplane has not arrived. I did email your Support@ address, but did not receive a response. Please contact me to advise what’s happening with my album.
    Regards to all….

  • Alan Medley

    Hey, I am eager for Alison & US to return to London, the best show I ever seen at BBC show two years ago.. Would love to win a copy of cd or any other memorabilia from my favourite band.. Love you guys :) thanks for everything x

  • Sharron Ogomori

    yes, please come to Southern California. Just heard Mary Chapin Carpenter at the Cerritos Performing Arts Center. It’s a great place for you too.

  • Barton Samuel Rotberg

    I teach violin at Baldwin Wallace University, and my life has been inspired and enriched by Union Station for two decades.

  • Patrick Rowan

    No way I can sing but I love listening to good inspirational music..

  • Robert

    Wanting Alison to sing in Calgary, Canada. Alison’s music is second to none, I always take Alison’s music with me when I take my boat out on the lakes in Alberta. Nothing is closer to heaven than listening to Alison under the blue skies of Alberta out on the lakes. Please pick me for the T’shirt, I love Alison.

  • Paul Rains

    What a amazing voice, come to Kentucky soon.

  • Redboy Schildt

    Alison come to LA so I can see you. I can’t get time off to chase your concerts. :)

  • Angie Birkenheuer Wagner

    Been listening to you for years. I have many memories of listening to you with my Mother who is now gone on to heaven. Your music allows me to hold on to her memory, it is such a gift

  • Bernhard Harshman

    You’ve made a convert out of me. Well you and Mr. Plant.

  • Barbara Barnum

    Her music makes me happy! I can listen to her and the group for hours and never get tired of it….Please put me in for the drawing…