April 22, 2014

“Due to an unforeseen and urgent health concern that requires immediate attention, we have been forced to reschedule and unfortunately cancel a few select shows on the upcoming tour with Willie Nelson. A list of the affected shows, along with makeup dates and ticket refund/exchange policies are listed below. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.”


May 1 – Murray, KY – CFSB Center – RESCHEDULED BELOW

May 2 – Atlanta, GA – Chastain Park Amphitheatre – RESCHEDULED BELOW

May 3 – Knoxville, TN – Thompson-Boling Arena – RESCHEDULED BELOW

May 4 – Cary, NC – Koka Booth Amphitheatre – RESCHEDULED BELOW

May 6 – St. Augustine, FL – St. Augustine Amphitheatre – RESCHEDULED BELOW

May 17 – Birmingham, AL – BJCC – CANCELLED

May 18 – Augusta, GA – James Brown Arena – CANCELLED

May 17 – Birmingham, AL – BJCC – CANCELLED
Refunds available at point of purchase starting Monday, April 21st. Tickets purchased online or by phone from Ticketmaster will be automatically refunded. To contact the box office, please call 205-458-8400.


May 17 – Atlanta, GA – Chastain Park Amphitheatre – NEW DATE
All tickets for the original May 2nd concert date will be honored for the Saturday May 17 performance. Refunds available at point of purchase. Purchase tickets at LiveNation.com or charge by phone at (800) 745-3000.


May 18 – Augusta, GA – CANCELLED
Tickets will be refunded at point of purchase. Refunds for tickets purchased at the James Brown Arena Box Office will be available beginning Friday, April 25. Purchaser must be present in order to receive a refund for any tickets purchased at the James Brown Arena Box Office. If a credit card was used, the original purchaser must present the credit card used for purchase along with ID. Refunds will only be made in the same method of payment used to originally purchase tickets at the ticket office. Customers who purchased tickets through www.GeorgiaLinaTix.com or over the phone at 1-877-4AUGTIX will receive a refund to the credit card used for purchasing tickets within 5-10 business days. The delivery method charged will not be refunded. To contact the box office, please call 706-262-4567.


May 18 – St. Augustine, FL – St. Augustine Amphitheatre – NEW DATE
Please hold on to your tickets as they will be honored on the new show date. If you cannot attend the May 18th show, refunds will be available at point of purchase until Tuesday, May 13 at 5pm. No refunds will be offered after 5pm on Tuesday, May 13.


May 19 – Cary, NC – Koka Booth Amphitheatre – NEW DATE
All tickets for the original May 4th concert date will be honored for the Monday, May 19th performance
If patrons are unable to attend the new show dates, a full refund will be offered at the point of purchase – etix.com , by phone (800) 514-3849, or the Amphitheatre box office.


May 21 – Murray, KY – CFSB Center – NEW DATE
All tickets for the oiginal May 1st concert date will be honored for the Wednesday, May 21 performance. If patrons are unable to attend, refunds will be available at original point of purchase.


JULY 20 – Knoxville, TN – Thompson-Boling Arena – NEW DATE
All tickets for the original May 3rd concert date will be honored for the Sunday, July 20 performance. Patrons unable to attend the concert on July 20 should contact the Thompson-Boling Arena Box Office at 865-656-4444 to receive specific information about ticket refunds. Any refund request must be completed prior to the original concert date of Saturday May 3 at 5:00 pm. No refunds will be offered after the May 3 deadline.


**Anyone who purchased tickets via the Crowdsurge pre-sale that cannot attend a rescheduled show should contact Crowdsurge directly for a refund. Requests can be made at: www.crowdsurge.com/support . For fans who purchased tickets to the Birmingham, AL or Augusta, GA show, your tickets will be refunded automatically. **

  • brent

    Bummer that Birmingham was cancelled! My wife and I had already made reservations at very nice bed and breakfast there and hoped to make a long weekend of it. I am thankful to have heard AK & US twice in person already. I do hope to make it again soon! Prayers for the urgent health concern! Best wishes for a great tour!

  • john

    Hope everyone’s alright. Praying for y’all.

  • Pat

    Wow. So you cancel the Augusta show and replace it with St. Augustine? I guess you sold more tickets there? I have been an AKUS fan a long time and been to many shows but this is just not right. I sincerely hope that the “health concern” is not serious and whoever it is will be ok. But “we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience” is lip service. How about some rational explanation why you had to cancel Augusta and not reschedule it. A lot of people have had plans for this show for months and that lame apology just doesn’t cut it.

    • patricia

      They did the same thing with the Birmingham show…Canceled it to replace the Atlanta show! That’s not right! Whynot just add dates later in the year? A lot of people had to change their plans because of this!!

    • Sarah Zee

      I am sad to hear this. Ms. Krauss has always been so devoted and gracious to her fans. I would hope we would all assume the best intentions. I would hope whatever health concern there is, we would take it at face value. It sounds like the only health concern has to be VERY serious, life threatening? Did you know that Ms. Krauss is actually dealing with a major health concern that she has not wanted to share until recently? Patience and grace can never be underestimated, I suppose. I am truly taken aback by your response, especially as you tout yourself as a long-time Alison Krauss fan. I do not see that quite aligned with Ms. Krauss’s message in her songs… I hope you find a way to see her if you are so determined. Otherwise, perhaps you can place your rants somewhere else rather than her tour page, as this seems to be a very supportive community, not to down play your genuine feelings that I hear.

      • John Harrell

        I think the point of Pat’s frustration was that they were able to perform in St. Augustine, FL on May 18 after having cancelled the Augusta, GA show for May 18. If you say you’re not able to perform a scheduled show on a given date, you don’t go and perform someplace else on that same date. You don’t tell Mary you can’t go out ’cause you’re sick, then take out Helen the same night. Either you’re able to perform a date or you’re not. That said, there was probably a rational explanation for how that worked out that just wasn’t shared with the public, but it just comes across as a bit disingenuous to those who had made arrangements for Augusta.

  • patricia

    I wish they hadn’t canceled the original dates and just rescheduled the ones they couldn’t make for a later time! Feel like we’ve been done wrong!

  • Dr. Tom Stanton

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and trust God will comfort you and His Grace will be sufficient for every need you may have. Will look forward to the rescheduled concert July 20th in Knoxville @Thompson Boling Arena.

    Blessings Now and Always!
    Morristown, TN

  • LeAnn Walton O’Neill

    Cancel Augusta and replace it with St. Augustine?…wouldn’t it make more sense to go ATL -> AUG -> Cary, NC? Vs. ATL -> St. Augustine -> Cary, NC. Beyond disappointed.

  • Holly

    Dear Lord, please be with the member of AKUS that is in need of medical attention. I pray that when the dust settles, it will look like nothing ever happened to them in the first place. I also pray that those here who feel ripped off due to the schedule change will soon realize that the well being of each member is what matters most. (bowing my head)

    God bless AKUS always!!!

    Holly in East Tennessee (an AKUS fan since 1994 and a girl who has lost 19 family members and friends in just the past 5 years alone)

    • Pat

      Well certainly the well-being of whomever has the health concern is first, but that still doesn’t justify cancelling a date only to replace that same date with another show. Why just Birmingham and Augusta? The illness is evidently not affecting the replacement dates. Just doesn’t make any sense.

      • Holly

        Maybe once the health concern is taken care of, we will learn more about it.

        God bless you always!!!

        Holly in East Tennessee

      • BigChizz

        It could be that the original venues are not available for the rescheduled dates. Do you honestly think they would let people down out of spite? That is not the AKUS way as well we know.

    • Michelle

      Amen for Everyone…So Sad.

    • Christie Griffin Jax, FL.

      Thank you Holly for posting this :) Some people are just always ungrateful and only think of themselves. I too wondered why some got cancelled and replaced with other cities, but that is out of OUR control so why worry about it. God bless!

  • melora

    I hope whoever has the medical emergency will be ok! I wonder if it is a band member, or someone’s close relative. Best wishes to you and hoping it turns out ok.

  • Tamara Humphres

    Take care and get well soon! See you in July!

  • Joel

    I’m sorry to hear that and I hope for a speedy recovery. I had tickets for the May 2 Atlanta show. I can’t make it on the rescheduled date (5/17). Contrary to the information listed above, Live Nation will not refund my tickets.

  • Marjie Faul

    I’m sooooo disappointed. I got an email telling me that due to health concerns the Birmingham show is canceled, but I noticed that AKUS is playing in Atlanta! I live in Texas and bought airline tickets and pre-paid hotel. How can it be health concerns when the concert is in another venue? This is NOT right!!!

    • Pat


  • John

    I was taking 14 of my 17 children and grandchildren to Augusta and all were excited. Hope you and crew are all right and are health again soon.

    Just means perhaps next time you come to my area (SC) I’ll get all 17 there!

    Best wishes, speedy recovery, and keep performing for us all!!

  • Suzanne

    Come on now folks. Surely you understand that venues, people, organizations, and all the moving parts that make a tour happen are booked way in advance for many many performers. This isn’t just up to the band to say when they want to reschedule a show. There has to be availability and coordination. I imagine they would not cancel or relocate a show unless it was the only alternative. Please, dig deep to find a little compassion and to expand your view beyond yourself. Sending vibes of love and healing to all who need it during this time.

  • dbedard67 .

    I hope whoever is I’ll feels better. I love AKUS and have been waiting years to see them.

    We reserved a room for May 6 in St Augustine, Priceline won’t let us move the date or give us a refund, so we’re losing what we paid, plus we have to book another for May 18th.

  • Thomas Johnson

    real fans wouldn’t be talking about the money side of this/They should be asking who’s ILL

  • TheAntiBoortz

    Yes Pat and Patricia, It’s all about you. You are entitled

  • Kirk Watt

    Very dissapointed. Birmingham al may 17th cancelled and replaced with atlanta chastain park. I already had tickets. I sure hope this is about the money and bigger venue. Never been to a willie concert and guess its gonna be even longer now. Chastain park tickets are 40$ more not to mention the extra 150 miles drivong. 2 diff atlanta dates? Really???

    • Kirk Watt

      Been a fan for 25 yrs and never been to a willie show. Not cool.

  • genedebs

    Although nothing has officially been said about who is having health problems, Alison was diagnosed last Fall with a vocal condition called dysphonia, which can ruin a person’s voice. It happened to her mentor Tony Rice. If you’ve heard audio of Tony speaking since then, you know how devastating this condition can be. It ended his singing career. The diagnosis forced her to cancel her appearance at the end of September 2013 at the IBMA’s Wide Open Bluegrass Festival’s Epic Collaboration concert. She made a recovery from it after intense treatment and vocal rest, appearing a couple of weeks later with Jerry Douglas’ band (and her brother, Viktor) at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass in San Francisco. Hopefully, if this is the problem, her strong work ethic and commitment to treatment will make her whole in time to pick up the tour on May 8. I wish her, the rest of AKUS, and recent birthday boy Willie Nelson (81 now!) all the best, and look forward to seeing them in a couple of weeks!

    • Holly

      Thank you for telling about Alison’s recent vocal health condition. I knew that she had health with something, but I didn’t know until now how severe it can be if it isn’t taken care of the right way. I pray so hard that it has not been dumped on her plate once again. (bowing my head)

      God bless you and her and the guys always!!!

      Holly in East Tennessee (a fan of Alison for 20 years now)

  • Hannah Payne

    I hope she is okay. I hope they are all okay. I wonder what health concern it is.
    God bless them.

  • Robin M

    I’m so disappointed by all of the selfish people commenting on here. Someone is ill and all you can think about is yourself? Have you considered how you would feel if it were you or one of your family members who were ill? It’s a concert people, not the end of the world. Get over yourselves and put others first!

  • Kevin

    I attended the Willie Nelson show in Boston, I was very disappointed that I had to listen Alison Krauss and company for two hours and fifteen minutes and then half an hour for the rodies to set up. Nothing against Krauss.
    I came to see Willie and I was even more disappointed with his performance, Time to hang it up Willie.

    • Holly

      That is just one of the many reasons why I love Alison and the guys. They give you your moneys worth.

      God bless you and them always!!!

      Holly in East Tennessee (a fan of Alison for 20 years now)

      • Kevin

        I was disappointed because I came to see/hear Willie. I didn’t know Allison was co-staring.

  • Sarah Zee

    Hello all. I understand that change is something that can cause inconvenience. However, I am truly surprised by the very escalated reactions by some. I experience Ms. Krauss as deeply devoted and gracious to to her fans and has been consistent in her touring. Thus, I would that we show her, and Willie Nelson, the same graciousness. That being said, the folks who are very reactionary are the minority voice. The rest of us will continue to delight in our albums, and, some of us will travel to hear them. I am a bit bummed because the concert in my area is the same day as my wedding. And I have decided that they are just playing for us, as well. Enjoy, y’all!

  • Rita

    Just found out that the Charlotte michigan show is cancelled AGAIN. Second cancellation in two consecutive years. The proceeds of the show in Charlotte were to support the local Senior Center. Can’t wait to hear the real reason behind the cancellation. It is not right. If he doesn’t want to come to Charlotte, don’t book it.

    • Holly

      (shaking my head) Dear Lord I pray so hard to you that Alison is not being ripped of what has made her who she is to us. (trembling)

      God bless her always!!!

      Holly in East Tennessee (a fan of Alison for 20 years now)

  • Erica.

    Yes it is pretty sad. I was looking forward to introducing some friends to this great type of music and was talking it up for months. Then cancel.

  • David

    Praying for speedy recovery & renewed health for whatever the health issue may be. May The Lord continue to shower you ALL with his hedge of protection, Please know that your music has affected my soul for many years. God bless you one & all.

  • Frogvac
  • Nomatchgrl

    Some of you are wacked out. If the woman has health issues, our thoughts and prayers need to be with her first and foremost. Grab a CD and close your eyes if it means that much. But be respectful, this is her ONLINE SITE. May God forgive us all for being so selfish at times.

  • Martin manna

    Will Willie Nelson be in fl may18 2015 I live in Tampa..I have a request I have a brain tumor I live day by day I would like to meet him